Bibliopirate/Indiebound Alliance

02 Feb

One of the reasons I left for my own privately hosted website was so I could join an affiliate program and thus be able to earn a commission off of the books I reviewed here. I don’t expect to be able to make my fortune or ever be able to run this blog full-time, but it would always be nice to earn something to help feed my reading problem, which will lead to more reviews.

Once I’ve decided to join an affiliate program I had to sort out which program was for me, the first thought was of course going to Amazon, they are without a doubt the leading seller of just about anything and have a well established affiliate program. The idea of using amazon though wasn’t sitting right with me, while in principle I have nothing wrong with the giant online supermarket, I don’t feel as if they need any help coaxing people to buy from them. In my heart of hearts I want to support my indie booksellers no matter what and I would feel the biggest hypocrite if I ever sent anyone to Amazon for a product they could  get elsewhere.

So not knowing where to go I’ve spent a few days looking up various programs I had my eye on the Google program for a bit, but was still undecided until I saw that Indiebound has an affiliate options, once I knew that, there was no question. Indiebound is for me.

I’m a great lover of the Indiebound organization and for years I’ve always collected their monthly publication Bookpage, for those of you who don’t know Bookpage is one of the best monthly book review magazines out there, and many bookstores and libraries carry free copies. So if ever there was place to send shoppers this is it. The Bibliopirate and Indiebound Alliance has been formed.

Please shop Indiebound and support small passionate bookstores.
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