The Rage- Irish Crime at its Best

26 Sep

Rating 4.5 stars
Good crime novels have always been a particular favorite of mine, something about incurable rogues will always delight me, and on top of that I do have a wee bit of an Irish obsession. This most likely due to my heritage and the fact that there is little better in this world than a nice bottle of John Jameson. The other day an advanced reader copy of The Rage came into the bookshop I work at and now I can add another thing to the list of things I love, the books of Gene Kerrigan.

Mr Kerrigan has written a wonderful, quickly paced story with incredibly well designed and intriguing characters. A former nun hiding from a shameful past within a monastery, a decent cop who tries to toe the line, and a street hood fresh out of prison and looking for the big score, no more petty jobs for him.

Gene Kerrigan also does a fantastic job of transporting the reader into a modern day Ireland, without over romanticizing the land by over-embellishing the land with a few too many emerald-green glens like other authors have been wont to do.

The only problem there might have been with this books was I finished it far too quickly, and I am eagerly looking forward to reading more from this author.

The Rage
by Gene Kerrigan
ISBN 9781846552564

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