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A New Lemony Snicket Series

After writing a book under the pseudonym Daniel Handler, Lemony Snicket returns to writing under his proper name. He of course is still discouraging people from reading the terrible and soul-destroying books. The new series “All The Wrong Questions” will be a supposedly highly biographical account of Snicket’s childhood and will be published by Little Brown Books for Young Readers. The first book in this series Who Could that Be At This Hour will be released in October.
Little Brown plans on printing around a million copies and Snicket is left puzzling in an email “Why anyone would be interested.”

Thanks to the Huffington Post

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Piracy 101

I refer to myself as the Bibliopirate and yet I’ve horribly let the pirate side of that equation slide. In order to rectify that I shall briefly discuss The Book of Pirates by Jamaica Rose and Captain MacLeod. They are very lovely people and editors of No Quarter Given a very fine pirate magazine.

This book is certainly designed for the young ones, and if you know a child who is interesting in learning more about historical piracy they need this book. It provides a wonderful outlook of pirates through history, you will find a real buccaneering 101 in the pages. It contains many references to movies about piracy including pointing out the historical deviations those movies took. I’m looking at you Black Swan.

Along with guides to the history they also provide fun activities, like easy way to make a pirate costume and they even provide a few recipes. Has your child ever wanted to try hardtack now they can? Afterwards I’m sure they’ll never complain about a regular home cooked meal again.

The Book of Pirates
by Jamica Rose and Captain MacLeod
ISBN: 978-1-4236-0670-3

I’m also currently reading Pirates of Barbary, and can hopefully provide some insight into that in a few days.

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The Giant Squid for the Kids

So I realize now that I haven’t reviewed any books for the little ones, and today I’m going to rectify that with the picture book I’m the Biggest Thing In the Ocean by Kevin Sherry. This book is absolutely adorable. The basic tale is of a giant squid that is thrilled beyond belief that there is nothing bigger than him in the ocean, he proceeds to swim about pointing out how he is bigger than various sea animals providing a child with a basic introduction to the different animals that occupy the ocean.
That is until a giant whale came us and swallows him and the rest of the creatures up. They survive, and the squid is slightly disheartened up until he realizes that he is the biggest thing in the whale!
I’m also a great fan of the art work, which is in a very cool style that I don’t think I’ve seen before.
This is a perfect book for any child that loves the sea or animals.

I’m the Biggest Thing in the Ocean
by Kevin Sherry

The artist’s website also has some fantastic clothing designs, and I proudly sport a good number of his shirts.


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NPR’s Xmas books for the lil ones.

With the holidays fast approaching and everyone in a race to get the perfect gift, we have to be grateful to sources like NPR and their end of the year wrap ups. A few months ago they started their Backseat Book Club program, which fortunately sparked their interest in books for children ranging from about 9 to 14, and this is their recommendations for the top five books of the year for the little children.

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