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Quirk Books and Publishing

Another one of these, this time thanks to Quirk Books publishing.

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America’s 16th Slayer… I mean President.

Here is a trailer for the new film, the book to movie adaptation that the world needed.

I will say that after listening an audio copy of the book, I thought it was exactly how I anticipated. It is certainly the ultimate book about Abraham Lincoln hunting vampires, it blows all the other books about this particular subject out of the water.

To find a copy please shop IndieBound:
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Bibliopirate/Indiebound Alliance

One of the reasons I left for my own privately hosted website was so I could join an affiliate program and thus be able to earn a commission off of the books I reviewed here. I don’t expect to be able to make my fortune or ever be able to run this blog full-time, but it would always be nice to earn something to help feed my reading problem, which will lead to more reviews.

Once I’ve decided to join an affiliate program I had to sort out which program was for me, the first thought was of course going to Amazon, they are without a doubt the leading seller of just about anything and have a well established affiliate program. The idea of using amazon though wasn’t sitting right with me, while in principle I have nothing wrong with the giant online supermarket, I don’t feel as if they need any help coaxing people to buy from them. In my heart of hearts I want to support my indie booksellers no matter what and I would feel the biggest hypocrite if I ever sent anyone to Amazon for a product they could&nbsp; get elsewhere.

So not knowing where to go I’ve spent a few days looking up various programs I had my eye on the Google program for a bit, but was still undecided until I saw that Indiebound has an affiliate options, once I knew that, there was no question. Indiebound is for me.

I’m a great lover of the Indiebound organization and for years I’ve always collected their monthly publication Bookpage, for those of you who don’t know Bookpage is one of the best monthly book review magazines out there, and many bookstores and libraries carry free copies. So if ever there was place to send shoppers this is it. The Bibliopirate and Indiebound Alliance has been formed.

Please shop Indiebound and support small passionate bookstores.
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Pro Tips from Bookselling

Recently a book store owner posted 25 tips they learned from opening a bookshop
Some of my favorites that rang true are:

3.  If someone comes in and asks where to find the historical fiction, they’re not looking for classics, they want the romance section.

5. If someone comes in and asks for a recommendation and you ask for the name of a book that they liked and they can’t think of one, the person is not really a reader.  Recommend Nicholas Sparks.

23.  Everyone has a little Nancy Drew in them.  Stock up on the mysteries.

To read the rest of the list go here.

A few things I might add are,

26. Read behind the counter, people want to see you reading. (And this is the only job you should read on the job, take advantage of it.)

27. During election season if you display any political book you will offend someone.

28. If you don’t display any political books you will offend even more people.

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Moving to my own Hosting.

Hello Dear Bibliopirate Readers,
I’m letting you know that I’m moving from a hosted site to my privately hosted site. The new address is . I’m doing this in large part to be able to join an affiliate program to help sell and distribute the books I love to you, and also make a bit towards supporting the site and my reading addiction.
I hope you will still join me over there, to sample my book reviews and news. How else will you hear about the wonderful happenings like Moby Dick being printed on 6 different rolls of toilet paper?
Thank you for reading,
The Biblio-Pirate

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Moby Dick on T-book

Lately the publishing world has been turned upside down by the e-book revolution, and many people are theorizing that the days of traditional publishing are coming to an end. Out of the mess I’ve now seen one unique option out of the massive amount of book options, a t-book. What is a t-book it is my phrase for a toilet paper book. Some one has taken it upon himself to type out all of Herman Melville’s classic on a few rolls of toilet paper.
They’ve recently tried to sell it on Ebay, and somehow it didn’t manage to sell. Maybe next time. It could be that not everyone is over the moon with Moby Dick, and that Nathaniel Philbrick’s new book “Why Read Moby Dick” deserves to be read. Or perhaps nearly $1000 is just too much to pay for 6 rolls of aged toilet paper.

Just think if you were equipped with a t-book, you’d always have something to read while being indisposed in the water closet. I see good things in the future of the t-book.


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Book Expo America

I’m very excited to announce that this summer I will be going to Book Expo America in NYC. Which as it proudly claims is the premier publishing event in the United States, while there I will also be attending the Book Bloggers Convention.
I’m not entirely sure what to expect while there, I just know I love conferences and conventions. Have any of you been to Book Expo before, or are planning to go again. We could meet up and get a drink. I’m sure I still remember a fun place or two from my time living in NY while working in theater.
A few weeks prior to that I should also be attending the SIBA (Southern Independent Booksellers Alliance) Tradeshow in Charleston, SC.


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Officially Joining the World of Publishing.

I have recently set up an internship with Joggling Board Press, a small publishing company in the heart of South Carolina. They specialize mainly in works that promote southern history and culture. I honestly can’t wait to work for them, as they are also of the belief that there will always be room in this world for a well crafted high quality printed book. The only problem is I don’t start the internship until this summer, and thus have a few more months to wait.


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Pooh Bear the Yankee Doodle Dandy

I’ve just read a very interesting article about the modern renditions of the classical Winnie The Pooh. Apparently there is a lot of controversy over the Americanization of that iconic character and his 100 Acre Woods. Many people are seem to think the books should be kept in the classic British style and over using what they dub “Americanisms”.

Parragon who publishes the new pooh have this to say however, “[W]e sell our books around the world and not just the UK and so we sometimes need to adapt the language accordingly to make it accessible for the widest possible audience.”

I’m personally of the opinion that if you are carrying on a classic story you should certainly try to keep it in the original voice. I don’t think this is required though, especially if the original stories are still published as they were written.
To view the article


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Dumbledore knows how to Prioritize
Something I just saw and had to share. Way to go Dumbledore, you always treated that Harry kid right.


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