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Lemony Snicket Love Guru.

Do you have relationship problems? And have you ever wanted the master mind behind The Series of unfortunate events to help you out of those dire straights we call love? If you had, you are in luck. Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket will be taking over the Huffington Post twitter feed to give you his 2cents, or maybe his 140 cents (since it is twitter and all).
“This will be in honor of his upcoming book “”Why We Broke Up”, a beautifully illustrated novel in the form of a break-up note from a teenage girl to her former boyfriend.”
For more details read The Huffington Post Article


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The Written World

One thing I always end up spending a lot of my time on is browsing Kickstarter, especially if I’m feeling a bit flush at the time.On my last browse I came across what looks like an awesome new game. The Written World which is a collaborative multiplayer storytelling game, one that appears to be deeply rooted in old text adventures.
“At it’s heart it’s a game of Narrator versus Hero. The narrator controls the story; crafting a plot and presenting the Hero with encounters, and challenges. The Hero creates a character that she believes can make it through to the end. And when the story’s over it lives inside the Written World, for other people to read, re-use or play themselves.”
It looks like a great project and you should surely check it out at


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This Reader’s Resolution

I’ve never really tried for a new years resolution before, I have plenty of vices and I plan on keeping it that way, certainly don’t see the need to try to say I’ll behave better when I won’t. But as a fairly prolific reader I have decided there is something I should do, and that we all should do and probably don’t. Many readers will make statements about how much they plan to read. They say they will do X number of books per week or per month. Which is certainly fine, everyone should try to read as much as possible. This year though, I plan on after reading a really good book making sure I try to contact the author and let them know how much I appreciated it.

As most of us know writing can be very demanding, it is a great emotional toll and when presenting your writing it can leave you feel very exposed, after all they are putting something that sprung solely from their mind into the world, with just the strength of their word play to give it substance. So I think we owe a few kind words of gratitude to the men and women who constantly faced that extreme level of rejection and judgment to bring us some fabulous books.

This is also a great chance to speak to our favorite authors. The few times I sent them emails of thanks I’ve ended up having very nice conversations with them. So it gives us some name dropping rights as well.


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Sultry Bookshelves
It’s Christmas Eve so you probably don’t want to spend all your free time reading, so I’ve posted some eye candy for the booklover inside of you. I would hazard I guess that you probably know this site, but I just discovered it and had to share. I wish I had seen that bookshelf chair before, it would have been high up there on my Christmas list this year.


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Returning to the world of bookselling

Great news! Today I was put back on the schedule at Indigo Books. This is a great little bookstore outside of Charleston, SC and right next to the coast. I will only be working there for a week or so before I have to return to classes but for the time being it is nice to be back at the perfect job.


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Skyrim: Quest for the Perfect Library

I’m joining the ranks of people who just can’t say enough about the newest Elder Scrolls game Skyrim. It continues the most amazing aspect of those games, or at least most amazing to me. This is the in game library of books.

The Elder Scroll games gives the player full control of exploring the world. Just about anything you can think to do, your character in the game can do it. This includes reading. There is something like 490 different titles in the game, each one with at least a few pages of text for the player to read. Only a few of those have any in-game effect, most of them are just there to provide that extra level of immersion into the world. It just boggles my mind that the game designers would put that much love and attention into their game.

I would love to see DLC or some player created mods for the game featuring book related quests, maybe something along the lines of a radical faction of book burners, getting rid of what they deem “immoral” reads” or something like that.

The books have such a great deal of variety in their subject matter. Comedies, dramas, histories etc. It just makes me picture a group of battle crazed vikings and dragon-slayers gathering every Wednesday at 6pm for Book Club with a cup of tea and a no holds barred conversation about the newest Imperial Times Bestseller.

I also wonder how many people read the books, I’ve read a few of them. My favorite has to be “The Lusty Argonian Maid” It amounts to an excerpt of a play-script featuring some very bawdy innuendo between a man and his bipedal lizard lady maid. It just cracks me up to read it. That book is an easter egg to the third game in the series Morrowind. In Morrowind there is a small side quest to get an actor a job so he stops bothering a shop keeper. If you care to do more than scaring off the actor, you can get him a role in the premiere showing of that play.

So does anyone have any favorite Skyrim books? Ones that make you smile, and really feel like you discovered something special when you took the time to read a book within a game.

I really can’t give enough Kudos to the game designers, more games should definitely work on fleshing their worlds out. While every book is readable in Skyrim, we’re still getting games where most doors are actually still walls.
(I don’t own these images, they belong to Bethesda Softworks and come from Skyrim)


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Echelon’s review Contest

While searching for interesting blogs out there I came across a very neat little Contest. There is an independent publisher Echelon Press that is trying to raise some reviews for a few of their books. In order to enter you need to contact them and you will receive a free download of one of their e-books for review. If they get 50 new reviews by Christmas Eve they will select one winner to receive a free Kindle Touch.
For more information you can check out their blog at:
or email them at:


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Slackstory Shakespeare

Do you ever feel as though Shakespeare just doesn’t reach the kids like it used to? That some how the deeper themes of Othello go right over your 6 year old’s head? Never fear our friends over at have you covered. They worked tirelessly to bring us the titles that need to be published, and if we lived in a perfect world, these books would be on every kid in America’s bookshelf.

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