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Pro Tips from Bookselling

Recently a book store owner posted 25 tips they learned from opening a bookshop
Some of my favorites that rang true are:

3.  If someone comes in and asks where to find the historical fiction, they’re not looking for classics, they want the romance section.

5. If someone comes in and asks for a recommendation and you ask for the name of a book that they liked and they can’t think of one, the person is not really a reader.  Recommend Nicholas Sparks.

23.  Everyone has a little Nancy Drew in them.  Stock up on the mysteries.

To read the rest of the list go here.

A few things I might add are,

26. Read behind the counter, people want to see you reading. (And this is the only job you should read on the job, take advantage of it.)

27. During election season if you display any political book you will offend someone.

28. If you don’t display any political books you will offend even more people.

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