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Autobiography of the Ripper
They have just had the biggest break in the Ripper case, since well over a hundred years when the Ripper case started. Jack has apparently made the classic giant mistake of writing a memoir about his experiences ripping his way through White Chapel all of those years ago.

I’m naturally skeptical as to the authenticity of these memoirs. I highly doubt that they have been sitting out of sight all these years to just now be rediscovered. This comes from my admittedly limited understanding of Jack the Ripper. As I understand it the Ripper craved attention, he continued a spree of highly violent crimes without any effort to conceal the bodies. He sent at least a few letters to Scotland Yard basically taunting the police. He even went as far to send half a kidney to them, you know just for a laugh. I feel like if he had written these memoirs his ego would probably have led him to try to send this papers to someone, so he could get the recognition.

These papers are said to be written by a James Carnac yet no record of a James Carnac existing have been found.

I do however greatly want to read these, and find out what more experts have to say before I fully confirm my opinion.


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Company of Liars by Karen Maitland

Triumphed as a darker take on the Canterbury Tales, this is one book that needs to be read.

Company of Liars by Karen Maitland is an incredible story following a group of charlatans in medieval England as they run from town to town trying ever desperately to stay ahead of the horrible plague that dogs their every move. We also learn that none of them are what meets the eye, and that the cover story was just a cover for yet another cover story.

Naturally enough plot twists abound as there is only one truth to this world, you can’t trust anyone. The characters really pop on the page and you can believe how these people exist when the only way they can make money is by being judged not on the quality of their deeds but solely on the entertainment value of their lies.
I have not had the pleasure yet to read any more of Karen Maitland’s novels but I can not wait until I get the chance.

Company of Liars
by Karen Maitland
published by Delacorte Press

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