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iBooks and the iBookstore
Apple has made a great new app called iBooks Author, a free app that helps you format and create high quality e-books. The software is apparently getting great press on how easy it is to use. The bugger in it, is maybe iBooks isn’t as free as you think. While they’ll never charge you anything for the service, you will be greatly restricted as to where you can post your new e-books. If you charge a fee and this includes subscription based products the only place you sell your new iBook e-book is through the iBookstore. Some critics have claimed this would be like if Microsoft restricted where you could sell documents that were created on word.

There are now people looking into if this contract in the end-user license agreement is even legal and would a court enforce it, and speculation abounds about whether Apple would even uphold it.


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Lemony Snicket Love Guru.

Do you have relationship problems? And have you ever wanted the master mind behind The Series of unfortunate events to help you out of those dire straights we call love? If you had, you are in luck. Daniel Handler AKA Lemony Snicket will be taking over the Huffington Post twitter feed to give you his 2cents, or maybe his 140 cents (since it is twitter and all).
“This will be in honor of his upcoming book “”Why We Broke Up”, a beautifully illustrated novel in the form of a break-up note from a teenage girl to her former boyfriend.”
For more details read The Huffington Post Article


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Occupy Amazon!

This here is an issue very near and dear to my heart. While working as a bookseller we had to deal with many people who would come in and make us research a title for them, and as soon as we got the information for them they’d tell us, “Oh I think I’ll just get it off Amazon.”

We even once had a child in the store who after getting a book recommendation from us, pulled out her kindle and bought it right then. She began to read her new title and was so enthralled with it, she managed to knock over a display of books, which threw many of our holiday picks to the floor. The girl failed to notice or help, and walked straight out the door.

All of this is fine, a bit irritating and just something to gripe about from time to time, we know we can’t compete price wise against Amazon, so we don’t try to. We’re not Amazon and don’t try to be them, and we know we can’t steal costumers from them, and that our businesses all in all don’t affect Amazon sales. So it seems rude of Amazon to try to steal business from the brick and mortars of the world.

I won’t go as far as to say “Boycott Amazon” I after all do have my Amazon account and I love the Amazon instant features for movies, all I can ask is if you go to a store, and decide to buy something while there, please buy it from that store.  Your local stores are always there and happy to help you find something, but they’re not libraries they still need to sell their merchandise. They don’t carry stock to be a physical browsing spot for amazon. I will say this if you do your shopping on amazon and are looking for say a good book, or the proper title of a book, you should go to a library and ask a librarian, they would be delighted to help you.

I realize now when first writing this article I completely failed to mention the main reason that caused me to write it in the first place. I was reading an article from the Huffington Post  about boycotting and “occupying Amazon” which was centered around complaints about one of Amazon’s new promotions where if someone scans an item at a store and then buys it off Amazon that person will receive an additional five percent off the item purchased. This promotion has really set off the community of indie brick and mortar stores and at least one senator from Maine, Olympia Snowe. Outside of that promotion I really don’t have much of a problem with Amazon, they’re a serious competitor surely, but if someone isn’t willing to compete to be successful they should probably get out of the business.


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