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Piracy 101

I refer to myself as the Bibliopirate and yet I’ve horribly let the pirate side of that equation slide. In order to rectify that I shall briefly discuss The Book of Pirates by Jamaica Rose and Captain MacLeod. They are very lovely people and editors of No Quarter Given a very fine pirate magazine.

This book is certainly designed for the young ones, and if you know a child who is interesting in learning more about historical piracy they need this book. It provides a wonderful outlook of pirates through history, you will find a real buccaneering 101 in the pages. It contains many references to movies about piracy including pointing out the historical deviations those movies took. I’m looking at you Black Swan.

Along with guides to the history they also provide fun activities, like easy way to make a pirate costume and they even provide a few recipes. Has your child ever wanted to try hardtack now they can? Afterwards I’m sure they’ll never complain about a regular home cooked meal again.

The Book of Pirates
by Jamica Rose and Captain MacLeod
ISBN: 978-1-4236-0670-3

I’m also currently reading Pirates of Barbary, and can hopefully provide some insight into that in a few days.

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Operation Mincement a review

The last book I reviewed was Winston’s War, a delightful novel of political corruption prior to WWII, once I finished the book I couldn’t wait to get my teeth into a historical account of the war. This lead me to Operation Mincement.

This book tells the story of a brilliant plan devised by British Intelligence to fool the Nazi war machine. I can safely tell you that the plan centers around a dead vagrant in commandeered military uniform carrying fake military plans and a few fraudulent love notes. This body is set in the ocean where the tides will bring the corpse to occupied enemy shores, and point the Nazis in the wrong direction.

The plan may seem a little far-fetched and perhaps it is, after all Operation Mincement was originally the brain child of one Ian Fleming an officer in Navy Intelligence but whose fame comes from authoring the James Bond Novels. I would say more, but I wouldn’t want to spoil how such a genius plot can come together and then miraculously stay together.

This is a fabulous tale the true and outrageous implementation of proper spycraft, and how a deadman easily makes the best of double agents.

Operation Mincemeat: How a Dead Man and a Bizarre Plan Fooled the Nazis and Assured an Allied Victory        by Ben Macintyre
published by Broadway

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