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Quirk Books and Publishing

Another one of these, this time thanks to Quirk Books publishing.

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Three Chains Strong Against Amazon

Indigo Books and Music has joined other bookstore chains Barnes and Noble and Books A-Million in vowing not to carry books published by Amazon’s publishing imprints. Time will only tell if it will put any dent on Amazon’s sales or not. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if indie bookstores didn’t regularly carry Amazon published books, although in order to survive I’m sure they would still happily fill out a special order for any book that their costumer wants. Because when it comes down to it, the ultimate goal of running a bookstore is to get the costumer the books they want and will enjoy.

As more stores are standing against Amazon, talks about the online super store opening brick and mortar stores are popping up again.

I have my doubts that a physical location for Amazon will truly work out, some much of their advantage is the fact that the online stores carry almost everything, and you don’t have to leave your house to shop there. A physical place unless it takes on a Costco like atmosphere as a warehouse store can’t possibly hope to offer the same amount of variety and discounts in items.

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Literary Super Bowl Build Up

As the Super Bowl quickly approaches even those in the non sports publishing world are getting excited. In the intensity of team rivalries two small publishers Beacon Press of Boston and Other Press of New York have placed a unique wager on the outcome of the game.
The publishing company from the town that hosts the losing team “will promote two of the other publisher’s titles for a week on the web, featuring the two titles on their website and promoting the titles across social media platforms.”

In the spirit of fair play the winning publishing house will also have a few conditions to live up to as well, they will have to promise to give away free books to the winner of a special draw that you can enter through this link.

I will admit that this is the first I’ve heard of these two publishing houses, but I’ll have to take a look at their titles to see who I’ll root for this Sunday.

This wager was apparently made during a heated dinner at The Digital Book World Conference last month. One can only imagine the amount of liquid libations that lead up to it.

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Moby Dick on T-book

Lately the publishing world has been turned upside down by the e-book revolution, and many people are theorizing that the days of traditional publishing are coming to an end. Out of the mess I’ve now seen one unique option out of the massive amount of book options, a t-book. What is a t-book it is my phrase for a toilet paper book. Some one has taken it upon himself to type out all of Herman Melville’s classic on a few rolls of toilet paper.
They’ve recently tried to sell it on Ebay, and somehow it didn’t manage to sell. Maybe next time. It could be that not everyone is over the moon with Moby Dick, and that Nathaniel Philbrick’s new book “Why Read Moby Dick” deserves to be read. Or perhaps nearly $1000 is just too much to pay for 6 rolls of aged toilet paper.

Just think if you were equipped with a t-book, you’d always have something to read while being indisposed in the water closet. I see good things in the future of the t-book.


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The Future of Books.

This is a great little article in which we get to hear Neil Gaiman’s thoughts on the future of books. He gives traditional publishing about 5 to 10 more years, but like the most of us see more books being created. He then draws a comparison with what happened to the music industry by saying, “There are fewer rock stars travelling the world in their private jets than there were in the old days, but there’s a lot more good music.”

Publishing is certainly heading for new and turbulent times as they sort out how to properly handle the e-reader revolution, but at least for the moment more people are getting published. We may lose our bestsellers but it looks like we are gaining so much more.

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P.S. I’m also happy to report I’ve now reached over 100 followers. Thank you all for stopping by.


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Officially Joining the World of Publishing.

I have recently set up an internship with Joggling Board Press, a small publishing company in the heart of South Carolina. They specialize mainly in works that promote southern history and culture. I honestly can’t wait to work for them, as they are also of the belief that there will always be room in this world for a well crafted high quality printed book. The only problem is I don’t start the internship until this summer, and thus have a few more months to wait.


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iBooks and the iBookstore
Apple has made a great new app called iBooks Author, a free app that helps you format and create high quality e-books. The software is apparently getting great press on how easy it is to use. The bugger in it, is maybe iBooks isn’t as free as you think. While they’ll never charge you anything for the service, you will be greatly restricted as to where you can post your new e-books. If you charge a fee and this includes subscription based products the only place you sell your new iBook e-book is through the iBookstore. Some critics have claimed this would be like if Microsoft restricted where you could sell documents that were created on word.

There are now people looking into if this contract in the end-user license agreement is even legal and would a court enforce it, and speculation abounds about whether Apple would even uphold it.


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Conan Doyle’s estate authorized a new Holmes!

This is amazing, and I can’t believe I missed it. Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate has authorized a new novel. I haven’t gotten my hands on it, but I can’t wait to. This is just a sign that I have been out of the book business for too long if this one could have gotten by me. It is titled The House of Silk written by Anthony Horowitz. This may be the new number one on my Christmas list, or more accurately the number one thing I make sure to get my fiance for Christmas. I can’t leave it up to chance that we won’t have it in the house.

I guess we have the new movie to thank for this, and certainly NPR for letting me know.

A study in Sherlock also looks promising. If you know anything about these books let me know.
I think the next book I will have to review is The Sherlockian by Graham Moore.

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Echelon’s review Contest

While searching for interesting blogs out there I came across a very neat little Contest. There is an independent publisher Echelon Press that is trying to raise some reviews for a few of their books. In order to enter you need to contact them and you will receive a free download of one of their e-books for review. If they get 50 new reviews by Christmas Eve they will select one winner to receive a free Kindle Touch.
For more information you can check out their blog at:
or email them at:


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