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Is Sherlock the new Vampire?
CBS has apparently just green lit a new pilot for a series about a modern-day Sherlock Holmes set in NYC. I love Sherlock as readers of this blog may have figured out by now, but I feel his is starting to glut the market. A Study in Sherlock just had its paperback release, The House Of Silk (the first novel to authorized by the Conan Doyle Estate) was just released, the second Guy Ritchie Sherlock movie just came out and of course the BBC has their modern Sherlock series. Is there really that much of demand? Or are we about to be as sick of seeing the Baker Street detective as we are of seeing vampires.

Speaking of which I see a novel about a vampiric Sherlock who is madly in love with the teenage great-great-grandaughter of Watson. As their love is constantly challenged by the descendants of Moriarty who are some kind of twisted Van Helsingesque figures.


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The House of Silk

Earlier I posted that I was very excited for the newly authorized Holmes novel The House of Silk by Anthony Horowitz. I have to say that Horowitz did a tremendous job of doing justice to the characters created by Arthur Conan Doyle, and I pray Horowitz will give us more. Holmes is as astute as ever, and Watson is a strong and reliable ally as he should be.

I read quite a bit of it while I was at work today at my little bookshop and I have to say my enjoyment of the novel had to be quite visible as we sold all of our copies out and after that I took several special orders for it.

I will admit that while I am a fan of Sherlock I am not an expert. I in no stretch of the imagination measure up to that of a proper Sherlockian, but I found no errors in the story as far as it being a proper Holmes tale. If you love a good mystery and especially if you grew up and love the inhabitants of 221B Baker Street you should add this one to your bookshelf.

I also hope that the rest of the books I read in 2012 can hold their own against my first story of the new yar. If they do I am in for some great reads.


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The sordid lives of Holmes Devotees: A book review

Sherlock Holmes is certainly making a strong revival these days, Stephen Moffat brought us a fun modernized series on the BBC, Guy Ritchie has been directing the new films and the Conan Doyle estate has just authorized a new mystery. One of my favorites though is The Sherlockian by Graham Moore.

This was the novel that pulled me into the world of Holmes, something that I will forever be in its debt for. When I first read Sherlock in fifth grade I thought the books were fun and the best required reading I had done in a long while, but once the reading assignments stopped so did my interest. That was until the advanced reading copy of The Sherlockian turned up at my little bookshop while I was working there. After I read it, I was pulled in, I read the classic tales and watched as many of the films as I could, and once The Sherlockian was published it became my go-to-gift for ever bibliophile that I knew.

The most intriguing thing about this novel is how it flows through time. We see a failed attempt to assassinate Arthur Conan Doyle which leads the famed author into his own investigation trying to uncover that conspiracy. The other perspective we see is set in the modern-day involving a murder at a convention of Holmes fanatics, and a highly elusive journal of Arthur Conan Doyle. The two tales are woven together splendidly.

One amazing thing I learned was that Arthur Conan Doyle actually become a sort of amateur detective following the fame of his stories.

I will admit that The Sherlockian isn’t high literature, but it is an incredibly fun read and any Holmes or mystery fan should definitely add it to their bookcase.

The Sherlockian
by Graham Moore
ISBN- 978-0446572590


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Conan Doyle’s estate authorized a new Holmes!

This is amazing, and I can’t believe I missed it. Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate has authorized a new novel. I haven’t gotten my hands on it, but I can’t wait to. This is just a sign that I have been out of the book business for too long if this one could have gotten by me. It is titled The House of Silk written by Anthony Horowitz. This may be the new number one on my Christmas list, or more accurately the number one thing I make sure to get my fiance for Christmas. I can’t leave it up to chance that we won’t have it in the house.

I guess we have the new movie to thank for this, and certainly NPR for letting me know.

A study in Sherlock also looks promising. If you know anything about these books let me know.
I think the next book I will have to review is The Sherlockian by Graham Moore.

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