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Is Sherlock the new Vampire?
CBS has apparently just green lit a new pilot for a series about a modern-day Sherlock Holmes set in NYC. I love Sherlock as readers of this blog may have figured out by now, but I feel his is starting to glut the market. A Study in Sherlock just had its paperback release, The House Of Silk (the first novel to authorized by the Conan Doyle Estate) was just released, the second Guy Ritchie Sherlock movie just came out and of course the BBC has their modern Sherlock series. Is there really that much of demand? Or are we about to be as sick of seeing the Baker Street detective as we are of seeing vampires.

Speaking of which I see a novel about a vampiric Sherlock who is madly in love with the teenage great-great-grandaughter of Watson. As their love is constantly challenged by the descendants of Moriarty who are some kind of twisted Van Helsingesque figures.


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Conan Doyle’s estate authorized a new Holmes!

This is amazing, and I can’t believe I missed it. Arthur Conan Doyle’s estate has authorized a new novel. I haven’t gotten my hands on it, but I can’t wait to. This is just a sign that I have been out of the book business for too long if this one could have gotten by me. It is titled The House of Silk written by Anthony Horowitz. This may be the new number one on my Christmas list, or more accurately the number one thing I make sure to get my fiance for Christmas. I can’t leave it up to chance that we won’t have it in the house.

I guess we have the new movie to thank for this, and certainly NPR for letting me know.

A study in Sherlock also looks promising. If you know anything about these books let me know.
I think the next book I will have to review is The Sherlockian by Graham Moore.

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